Newsletter Feb 2015

 2015 Flying Stars Office DIY

The year of the Wooden Goat has presented itself as of 4 Feb 2015. We would like to share this year's flying stars and how to determine the strength of each influence.

The annual stars are the triggering stars that changes every year. These are the stars that we should balance or enhance depending on its properties and the period we are in. For this case, we are in the period of 8.


The blue coloured stars sequence is the arrangement during the period of 8. These will act as the base supporting elements to the annual stars.


The yellow sequence is the original Lou Shu sequence that dictates the strength of the supporting stars which in turn could reduce or increase the strength of the annual stars.


There are a few components in the Flying Stars Chart. Firstly, it is the Annual Star which relates to the centre numbers of the chart. Next, the Original Lou Shu Stars Star relates to the left number of the chart. As for the Period of 8 stars sequence, it relates to the right number in the chart.


2015 Flying stars

In order to understand and decode the chart, you must understand each individual stars and whether it is timely or not timely. You may refer my previous news letter for details.


Let’s take two examples; we shall pick the annual 5 yellow and the auspicious 6 white annual stars. We understand that the 5 Yellow (West sector) is related to fatal and has an accident prone property as it is not timely. How serious is this in the year of the Wooden Goat? It is located in the West sector (7) where the Metal element is strongest, in addition the period star is 1 (has the property of Water), with that we can dictate that the strength of the 5 Yellow is not supported well. Nevertheless being the untimely star, it will be wise not to provoke and keep that sector quite and clean.


On the other hand, the 6 white star (Northeast sector) that represents wealth and longevity is greatly supported in the Northeast Sector (Element of Earth) and enhance by the 2 Black star (element of Earth as well) of the period 8. It will be auspicious to activate this sector in your environment to enjoy the good energy. Having a small water feature for those wish to have some lucky income or gather more in this sector of the environment will be auspicious.


Once you understand the strength of the annual star in the respective sector, one can balance and enhance the stars accordingly to enjoy good energy that the Wooden Goat’s Annual Flying Stars have to offer.


It will deem that the Northeast is one of the best sectors followed by the East.


We will like to share with you the direction you face in the office and the remedy that could be applied to balance or enhance the energy coming. Please note this is base on the flying stars and will also depends on you physical environment, your Ba Zhi and your hard to work well.


For this DIY purpose we will take the 8 general directions and you may follow the table below for reference.

2015 Flying stars table






By Hu Wei Hong