Newsletter No 24: October 2013

2014 Wood Horse Year - 2014 Annual Flying Stars

2014 is the year of the Wood Horse (甲午). Starting from 4 Feb 2014, the flying star in the middle of the matrix is 4 and the rest of the stars are in the respective position below on the right:

Flying Star 2014 Horse year

The basics of the flying stars have been introduced previously and the above is an illustration and a brief description of the meaning of the different digits in the matrix or flying star chart.

Academic Star 4 has the element of Wood and is trap in the centre of the matrix. The star could represent academic, romance as well as fame. Appearing in the centre position will mean lacking (some will say trap) and thus in demand. Perhaps due to bad economic in the water snake year, most are busy striving for survival, as the economic is picking up near the end of the year (2014), branding and academic is gaining importance. It will be good for business in education sector as well as child care centres.

The fatal Yellow Star 5 has the element of Earth and is at the northwest sector, it is associated with fatal accident, disaster, miscarriage and even war. It is thus not auspicious to start a renovation at the northwest sector of the house. Tension is tight among the countries leaders and hopefully debts and conflict could be settled peacefully. As it is on a Northwest sector (Supports Metal) position the bad effect is much reduced, as Metal exhaust Earth.

The Star 6 has the element of Metal and is at the west sector, it is associated with indirect wealth and longevity. This is deemed auspicious as the strength is strong in the west sector. You may activate the sector for better wealth luck.

Next we have the Robbery Star 7 that has the element of Metal, located in the northeast sector, the bad effect is amplify and thus it will be good to cure the sector with a light (as fire can control Metal) or simply keep that sector clean and quite. The star is associated with loss of belongings and theft.  

The direct Wealth star 8 that has the element of Earth is located in the south sector. As it will bring abundance wealth and good fortune, you may like to consider a water fountain with light in the south sector. The Grand Duke is also in the direction of the south thus it will be good to avoid renovation in this sector.

The nobleman Star 9 that has the element of Fire is located in the north sector. It is associated with grow, promotion and nobleman. It is not a bad idea to have some plant in the north sector to signify growth, especially for those wishing for a baby. This is the direction of the Three Killings as well thus is advisable not to sit with the back facing but rather facing North this year.

The blossom Star 1 that has the element of Water is located in the southwest sector. It is associated with wisdom, romance and distance wealth. It will auspicious to activate the sector with pink crystal to increase the flower of romance for those who are single and wish to find a partner.

The Sickness Star 2 that has the element of Earth is located in the East sector. Best keep the sector clean and cure with 6 emperor coins. As activating the sector will bring sickness especially to the eldest son in the family.

Lastly is the Conflicting Star 3 that has the element is Wood is in the Southeast sector. This will create gossips, conflict and lawsuits if activated. Best cure is by placement of a night light.

Remember the annual flying stars can be activated if there is movement and energy flow. For example, should there be an entrance at the south sector it will bring good energy into the house. On the other hand, if the kitchen is located at the Northwest sector and is frequently used, it will spell bad luck for the man of the house.

We at Jin Ding wish you a joyful year ahead.


By Hu Wei Hong