Newsletter No 23: September 2013

2014 Wood Horse Year - Signs in relation to the Grand Duke of 2014

2014 is the year of the Wood Horse (甲午). 午 wu (Yang Fire) that has the hidden elements of 己 ji (Ying Earth)  and 丁 ding (Ying Fire). As the heavenly stem is 甲 jia (Yang Wood), there is a harmony and support as Wood could feed the Fire. In addition, the combination of the 甲 jia and 己 ji will form earth in the right season.

Thus in the year of the horse, business will pick up gradually in the Fire (Service, Arts, oil, F&B, trading) and Earth (building, property, agriculture, interior design) industry in the later part of the year. Nevertheless, as earth is too strong care should be taken on health issues related to the stomach.

As the Water Snake make its way to the autumn, the Wood Horse is gearing up and waiting for its turn on the 4th Feb 2014. Let see the main signs that are in conflict with the Horse sign in 2014 or simply in conflict with the Grand Duke for the year.

In this newsletter, we would like to share the various clash that most people are curious reading during the 1st lunar month at most temples or in Feng Shui Books.

Basically there are 4 types of clashes/conflicting situation, they are the direct clash (冲太岁), Self Persecuting Clash (坐/刑太岁), Conflicting Clash (害太岁) and the Related Clash (破太岁). Let see how may each affects your luck during the year of the Wood Horse.

Direct clash (冲太岁) Rat

According to the six clash theory, the Rat (Yang Water) has a direct clash to the sign of the Horse (Yang Water). This is perhaps the strongest and the only clash that some practitioners will consider. One is in direct clash when one is born in the year of the Rat, it will be more critical should the heaven stem is in conflict as well.

There are greater chances in changes in the environment that can affect you that may result in change of jobs, business venture and generally requires much efforts and courage in order to succeed in your endeavors. This type of impact is the strongest perhaps due to the element that is in conflict as Rat is represented by the element of water  and the Horse is represented by the element of fire.

Should the element is not your favourable element, it may be good. Normally friends with the sign of the Rat will give prayers to the Grand Duke for a smoother ride in the year of the horse. Just remember to thank the Grand Duke at the year end should you ask for blessing in the beginning.

It may not be a bad thing to have a clash out, should the element of Rat is not your favourable element, it will deem auspicious. Like an illness or troubled case depart from your well being.

Self Persecuting Clash (坐/刑太岁) Horse 

This refers to having the same sign as the year. Person with sign of the horse will have much conflict, troubles as well as opportunities. One must be humble and strive on in order to make ends meet.

Most of the time, conflict is due to the self action and reaction, it is advisable one should take things easy and cultivate a habit of listening to the full story first before making any comments or decision. This will prevent most legal and unnecessary punishment that the persecuting clash may caused.

Always have an open mind, should someone less fortunate could survive and live well in happiness so can you. The only one that can emotionally beats you down is yourself, there are always different angle in looking at things. Choose the one that gives you the motivation to move on.             

Conflicting Clash (害太岁) Ox

This refers to the person with the sign of the Ox could have a higher chance of being tricked or betrayed by friends or colleagues. This may cause harm to ones emotions as well as causing external injuries.

Friends with the sign of the Ox should analyze the situation and perhaps discuss with your family members before making any big decision. It will best not be guarantor should you not know the person that well. Mostly lost is in terms of monetary.

Related Clash (破太岁) Rabbit

This refers to the person with the sign of Rabbit could have a higher chance of having damage to his property and even open wound injuries. The impact is obvious and sudden. Care to be taken for those working on managing projects or properties.

Friends with the sign of Rabbit may consider adding insurance protection as well as CCTV for better security monitoring.

As there are plenty of opportunities in the Year of the Wood Horse one should be prepared and strive at the right time. Not all clashes are bad, thus be will good to have your pillars analyzed for the coming year. It should be highlighted that, the clashes could also be on other pillars besides the year pillar of your birth chart. However, the year pillar is used generally as a reference for prediction, due to each year a different Grand Duke is in charge in accordance to the location of Jupiter.

We at Jin Ding wish you a joyful year ahead.


By Hu Wei Hong