About Us


Although Feng Shui has a history of thousands of years, it is still commonly practiced today. Despite the various schools of thought, the main objective is to harness the positive, balance the negative energy, enhance own environment and to select the best auspicious time for any important event. 



Feng Shui is an ancient art of living in harmony with the environment It is practised to enhance one’s well being by harnessing the good as well as balancing the bad energy that is surrounding our enviroment. It will also give you an alternative view on your strength and weakness about yourself through the life analysis.

The above understanding is also being emphasized in “The Art of War (孙子兵法): Those who know your enemy (target/task) and yourself will not be defeated in a hundred battles. Hence, the rate of success is higher if there is strategic planning and prior understanding of the task and resource that you have before embarking on any new venture.

We, at 金鼎 - Jin Ding believe that we can provide the guiding light for you.

We assist our clients to understand oneself better through the analysis of the life chart using the 八字 - Ba Zi.

We will also work with you on the Feng Shui Audit to provide simple yet effective way to enhance and balance the energy in your environment.

Our Feng Shui Master, Mr Hu Wei Hong holds a Degree in Computer Science with Management issued by the Open University under the SIM Global Education. With his keen interest in Feng Shui, he embarked on his learning journey in 2005.

He was awarded the Certificate of Performance for the Basic Science of Feng Shui with an outstanding award in Best Feng Shui Audit, jointly organised by the Singapore Feng Shui Centre and Singapore Polytechnic in year 2005. Thereafter, in the same year (2005), he pursued deeper into the study under the tutelage of Grand Master Vincent Koh (Chairman of Singapore Feng Shui Centre) and completed the Four Pillars of Destiny at advanced level.

In addition, he had his certification on I-Ching Divination in 2013 and was accreditated in Feb 2015 by the International Feng Shui Association (iFSA) as a Master in Feng Shui Practice.