Newsletter No 11: Sep 2012

Bedroom setting and sleeping

Most of us gain knowledge and wisdom as we age. However, when it comes to sleeping, we have to re-learn and need discipline to cultivate good habits. With new technology and a fast paced society, we often neglect our sleeping time either because of work or due to entertainment.

Researchers have proven that lack of sleep could lead to poor immune system and increase in unnecessary food intake. These will in turn increase the chances of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is specific timing for each organ to be most active to rejuvenate and detoxify. For example: 9 pm to 11 pm is the endocrine system, 11 pm to 1 am is the gall bladder, 1 am to 3 am is the liver, 3 am to 5 am is the lung, 5 am to 7 am is the large intestine and so on. Everything has its Yin and Yang side. After a day of work (Yang) it is important to rest (Yin) and let the body repair itself, if the balance is off for a specific time, illness will follow. The energy flow in TCM terms is known as Qi (气). When the normal flow is disturbed or blocked, then the specific area in the body will experience weakness or pain.

Best Sector for Bedroom Selection:

In view of the above, sleeping is an important aspect of healthy living and rejuvenating it in the auspicious sector like Tien Yi (天医) and Yen Nian (延年)will enhance the Qi (气) circulation in the body. For Flying Star Feng Shui, we will select the sector with the current mountain star (8) for resting as well, if possible.

Besides the intangible energy that is only known through the Feng Shui audit, there are other factors that will affect quality sleep.

Physical Aspect:

The surrounding environment plays a part too. For example, units near the lift, corridors, common car park and the power supply house. This is because it will affect the bedroom either via the noise or magnetic field emitted. Hence, care must be taken to select your unit wisely.

In the bedroom itself, there should be minimum furniture or fixtures, especially those over the head of the bed like pillars, lights, air-conditioners, fan or big frame photograph. In Feng Shui, these items pose bad energy above the head of the person sleeping below them.

The colour tone of the paint should be subtle and not have too much impact. As such, please try to select colours that are less vibrant.

Furniture Aspect:

It is best to have a good- sized bed with 2 supporting side tables and table lights for reading. It is not advisable to have too much electronics devices like smart phones and laptop in the bedroom as this will emit unnecessary magnetic radiation that can affect our rest.

The bed should be of a suitable height and this is especially important for young children, the elderly and the pregnant woman. Sleeping on the tiles or floor is a bad idea due to the temperature of the cool floor which will affect the proper Qi or the blood circulation.

Mirrors directly in front of the bed is also not encouraged as this may gives you a shock should you wake up after having bad dreams.

Plants should be avoided due to the emission of carbon dioxide in the night. Fish and water feature is also not appropriate. On the whole, the sleeping environment should be cozy and not energized with active water.

Sleeping Orientation Aspect:

The head direction should be pointing to your auspicious directions when you are sleeping. We should also avoid pointing towards the toilet or doors directly. If unavoidable, please keep the door close during your sleep.

Habitual Aspect:

We should make a habit to prepare our self before sleeping. Therefore, please rest your brain and avoid drinking and exercise at least two hours before sleep so that it will not affect your sleep quality. You may read a novel or story book, if you wish, before your sleep.

However, children should be trained to sleep at routine hours and on the night light, if needed.

Other Aspects:

Due to the air quality at certain time of the year, it is advisable to have an air purifier.

In conclusion, the bedroom is a place where we prepare for our next day of work or learning. Thus, it should be simple, quiet, comfortable and has good ventilation.

Bed Room


In the next newsletter, we would share the the basic of Ba Zi for luck analysis. 



By Hu Wei Hong