Newsletter No 16: Feb 2013

Better Career in Water Snake Year 癸巳蛇年 for 2013

In this technology and the information age, speed and fast result are what most people expected. As such we have less patience. There is also a concept that if I do not get what I need, there will always be an alternative source.

This creates tension and opportunity for businesses too. Let me define what I understand about business. It could be an entity (whether Group or Single) that trade in services and goods for a profit. Of course there is also state own and non-profit business as well. Generally, the aim of a business is to find a niche in providing service as well as goods so that a healthy margin of profit could be earn as well as to keep the business growing.

Its like planting a fruit tree in the right climate, location and strong demand so that it will grow. The fruits need to be sweet and safe to eat in order to sustain good profit. For an employee to climb up the ladder, he/she should ask for S.T.O.C.K.

"S" refers to support that can relate to finance, relationship or network that prepares you for the challenge when you starts the new job or assignment. This is more efficient if a better route is established.  

"T" is the timing that you join or had the assignment that will have impact on your returns and the ease of completing the task. For example, it will be easier to loan when you are rich rather then poor.

"O" is the opportunity that could arise in the event of a new job opening or a new project. There will be a chance to contribute as well as a start block of recognition for you skill sets.

"C" is the choice you have to make when opportunities arises. A lot depend on your current role, your character, resources and your preference.

"K" is the knowledge that should always be upgraded as this is the basis for the points above.

We will start with option "C". This is to understand yourself since you are born by using Life Analysis. It will give you good insight of your character including the strength and weakness. Thus, this assists you to build on your strength and work on your weakness. Perhaps it is not common for us to path our child's career since birth but it is in fact the best time to start. With the understanding of the strength and preference, you could select an industry that enhances the chance of a better career path.

We could also classify the business or company into the 5 categories according to 5 elements i.e. Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth industries. Some examples of Metal industries include banking, insurance, finance and jewelry. For Wood industries, they include printing and stationary, clothing, spices trading and timber. In Water industries, they are import and export, media, H2O goods and Marine products. F&B, fuel business, Information technology and advertising, they are examples of Fire industries.  Lastly for Earth industries, we have examples of property, interior design, developers (constructions) and farming industries.

To excel in any industry, we need to have basic knowledge of the following:

  • Your suitable trade based on your pillars of destiny via fortune telling or self reflection so that you can perform with interest but most of us do not have the privilege to select. This is classified in the Choice option.
  • The nature and culture of the business. There is instance where some business is doing better due to external factor. For example, in Singapore, the government prefers building property, actively making new drinking water and improving the infrastructures. This is classified in the Timing and Opportunity options.
  • Entering the right company at the right time. This is classified in the Choice, Support, Knowledge and Timing options.
  • Relationship and networking in the company. This is classified in the Support and Knowledge options.
  • Hard work and constant improvement of knowledge to give you the edge to train and assist in company growth. This is classified in the Knowledge option.

As the core of business is to make profit and provide the needs of their clients, we should pace the energy towards the company's target in our respective work area.

Nevertheless there will be opportunity down the road since the initial aim of the employees' needs is to have food on the table first before they could later strive to reach their dream career.

It will be great if the location of the company could harness the positive energy of the environment. On the other hand, you could also tap on the good energy of your auspicious directions or table facing. Generally, keeping the table clean and proper arrangement of your work could increase your productivity.

In addition, as office politics is common, we should be humble and work as a team to keep the morale and spirits high in order to hit the target as a team. In the Snake year, we tend to have less patience and this leads to conflict easily. Hence, it will be good to cure the East sector of the office by keeping the place bright, quiet and tidy.

As for table adjustment, we can look up for the Academic star (文昌) position or direction. If we sit facing or keep a small bamboo plant or crystal, it will improve the creativity and help us to focus better at work.

The Academic star (文昌) position or direction based on your year of birth is as follow:

Year Academic Star Chart

To be precise, you could check your Day Master and the Academic star position too. This will give you a more precise direction according to the 24 mountains.

Day Master Academic Star Chart

Please select one of the two said systems above that suits your need. There is still one more system that dictates the location of the Academic star (文昌) position. However, it is related to the sitting direction of the unit and is not easy to administer. Therefore, it will not be discussed here.

This year, the Academic star (文昌) position falls in the Southeast sector according to the flying stars chart. For those who cannot personalize their work space, it is also a good position and direction in year 2013.

 Flying stars 2013 chart

As tree (business) grows they could provide not only fruits (for employees and customers) but others like shades (do charity with surplus profit), branching good business techniques (franchising) and make a good name for the country (Singapore Airlines) and so on. Nevertheless, the bigger the tree the higher the risk of falling and the stronger the impact, thus we have to analyze the sustainability for the business in the environment. Oversize tree (business) will inevitably fall or downsized when the demands falls. Diversification too much will dilute the original brand name.

Last but not least, we wish all of you a great career path and remember to take S.T.O.C.K. Start enhancing the energy of your Academic star (文昌) position today.






By Hu Wei Hong