Newsletter No 6: Apr 2012

Chinese Name Analysis


Name analysis has a long history and is one of the factors that assist in a person's luck. As our life chart is predefined (pre-destiny) the moment we are born, we could not select the environment that we are born in, one of the option is to select an auspicious name to assist us in our future's luck.

Name analysis not only base on the numerology (數) and pronunciation (音)combination to achieve the auspicious effects, it also takes into consideration the 5 elements, yin and yang, the celestial animals sign and the word meaning. With this, the name is categorized into 5 formations which is namely the Heaven (天格), Human (人格), Earth (地格), External (外格) and Total formation (總格). The element of each formation is based on the number of strokes that the combination has. The effect of each element will affect the other with the human formation as a base for analysis.

For simplicity we will illustrate the different formations, elements relationships and formation relationships with 3 characters name: Surname Chen (陈) and name Guan Liang (冠良).

Apr 12 Article 6 - Name Analysis

You may notice the formula in getting the various formation strokes are listed below:

Heaven formation is the 1st character strokes plus 1.

Human formation is the sum of 1st and 2nd characters strokes.

Earth formation is the sum of 2nd and 3rd characters strokes.

Social formation is the 3rd characters strokes plus 1.

Total formation is the sum of strokes of the surname and given name.

You may notice that the strokes of the character do not follow the simplified Chinese characters and certain characters have additional strokes. For example Shi (十) is considered as ten stokes instead of 2 and Yue 月 has a count of 6 strokes as it relates to the character Rou 肉 thus Hu 胡 will have 11 strokes instead of 9. The purpose of this newsletter is to introduce you to name analysis and hence we will not go into details on how the number of strokes of a character is derived.

There are also surname with 2 characters and name with only 1 character. We will illustrate with the following example as it is the most common in Singapore. The representation of each formation is listed below:

Heaven formation:

Surname given by parents and normally used as a reference and does not have critical effect. This is often known as the Pre-heaven luck that one has no control. When interact with Human formation could represent relationship with parents and superiors. (Luck from 1 – 16)

Human formation:

It is the focus point for name analysis. It is often known as the Main luck. It represents ones character and if interact with Heaven formation could revert the relationship between the superior/parents. If interact with Earth formation could revert the relationship with subordinates. (Luck from 33 to 48)

Earth formation:

It represents luck from the age 16 to 32. When interact with Human formation could reveal the relationship between self and subordinates.

Social formation:

It represents luck from 48 to 60. When interact with Human formation could reveal one's ability to express himself well with the society.

Total formation:

It represents luck from 60 onwards. When interact with Human formation could reveal one relationship with his/her children.


The relationship with the Human formation has different implications when interact with different formation:

Success Luck:

Determine by the elements of the Heaven and Human formation

Foundation Luck:

Determine by the elements of the Human and Earth formation

Social Luck:

Determine by the elements of the Human and Social formation

Children Luck:

Determine by the elements of the Human and Total formation

The element of each formation is formulated as shown with the end number of strokes:

Strokes ending with 1 and 2 is represented by Wood

Strokes ending with 3 and 4 is represented by Fire.

Strokes ending with 5 and 6 is represented by Earth.

Strokes ending with 7 and 8 is represented by Metal.

Strokes ending with 9 and 0 is represented by Water.

The formation strokes are then referred to the chart of 81 strokes and each will dictate whether it is an auspicious or inauspicious number.

We will use the example of 陈冠良(Chen Guan Liang) to see how the name fair.

Character of 陈冠良 according to the Human formation of 15:

He is warm, approachable and kind. He enjoys the warmth from his family and would assist people who are in need. Nevertheless, he has a strong lust for fame and sometimes also likes to compare.

Heaven formation (17)   Authority, steady, strong will and able to clear obstacles. (Auspicious)

Human formation (25)   Handsome and can have great achievement for those who is humble and honest. (Auspicious)

Earth formation (16)      Integrity, helpful, prosperity, nobleman assist and friendly. (Auspicious)

Social formation (8)       Firmness, diligence, prosperity, successful in career and strong will. (Auspicious)

Total formation (32)      Man of good luck, modest and kind, success, prosperity. (Auspicious)

Success Luck – Heaven (Metal) and Human (Earth) – Wishes will fulfill with hard work (Auspicious).

Foundation Luck – Human (Earth) and Earth (Metal) – Optimistic, stable and have good relationship. (Auspicious)

Social Luck – Human (Earth) and Social (Metal) – Good potential, always thinking of way out when trouble kicks in. Nevertheless, may eliminate others in order to protect own self. If social formation number is auspicious, there will be success in the end. (Semi Auspicious)

Children Luck – Human (Earth) and Total (Wood) – Need to worry for children and need to have patience. It shows that the parents act as the main support for their children. (Semi Auspicious)

There are many websites that you could check by the input of your surname and given name base on the strokes of formation.

To add depth in selection of auspocious name, Masters often include the four pillars of destiny so that the auspicious elements could be supported by the elements in the formation at different phase of life. In addition, the zodiac sign and the meaning of the name have also to be taken into consideration. Such rich analysis will utilize the knownledge of the Chinese cutlure and Destiny reading.

We believe a good name is one of the factors that could assist in one's endeavor.

Nevertheless, a good dish will be renown with a good name but a good name may not make a good dish. Therefore, it still depends on one's destiny, hard work, choice of path to strive for success and the good name will give the competitive edge.



By Hu Wei Hong