Newsletter No 20: Jun 2013

Feng Shui and Office Table Arrangement

Feng Shui application is not only restricted to commercial building, residential house, tomb, room and sleeping direction. We can also select an auspicious facing for the office work desk according to the four pillars of destiny.

Occasionally, I received assignments from office executives to assist in the office work desk selection in their offices. Please note that in the selection of office work desks, it is a little bit tricky as some may not have proper room to place their work desks as most of the desks are separated by low partitions.

I hope the few pointers below are useful when you DIY on your office desk settings:

1) Firstly, the selection of desk should be base on the physical available settings. Please avoid the following:

a. Pointed arrows form from corners of walls.
b. Near or beside opening doors.
c. Facing directly in front of big pillar.
d. Electro-magnetic generator e.g. photocopy machine

Please try to have:

e. Wall support at the back if not get a high back seat.
f. Walk way in front so that you could see on coming visitors.
g. Comfortable view angle to your monitor as the sun may effect the view at certain time of the day.

2) After the seat is selected, you may consider the table arrangement below:

a. Using the Five elements in the appropriate direction with your seat as the center, please use the compass to have the pie cut into 8 sectors. For example, if the east represents Wood, then you may place water objects like water cups or plant to support or enhance the element to your needs.

b. Place the monitor so that you face your auspicious direction or your academic star. If it is not possible, please try the year's academic star. For example, the academic star for year 2013 is southeast.

c. Keep the cables neat (i.e. separate the signal from power line) and table clean.

d. If you have ornament (normally one or maximum two), please place it in the direction that the Feng Shui Practitioner advises.

The trick to good desk arrangement is actually base on what you do. You may place the jobs or paperwork in sequence so that completed jobs move in certain direction along your desk. For example, if the jobs come to your in tray on the left side, when you are processing it, it will go to the center of your table. After you have completed it, it should be on the right side of the desk. Thus, anyone will know the progress. This same method may apply to your PC settings.

3) Have a small plant on your desk so that when you are tired, you could look at some green to help relax your eyes. In addition, some plants also have the ability to absorb harmful radiation from the monitor. Please check the space and have a good size potted plant. It will be better to have a water base rather than the soil potted plant. Please make sure that you change the water regularly and do not bleed mosquitoes. When the plant withers, please replace it.

4) Cultivate the habit to clean the desk before and after work so as to reduce the germs growth and to have a better working environment. The drinking water should be changed daily if you have a temporary water flask on your table.

As most of the executives do not have the luxury in selecting their desks, proper desk arrangement should be carried out. It will also be good to have a good posture when you are busy with your computer work. It is suggested to drink hourly and take short break. This will prevent fatigue which is usually caused by prolonged sitting in the same position after hours of work.

For managers who have a room, it is good to select a sitting position with the wall at the back as support and a view where you could view your co-workers. Having an open view and open door indicate that you welcome visitors as well as indirectly letting the co-workers know that you are watching them.

Below is a typical office arrangement, notice that there is a good entry with reception at the front door. In addition, the manager room has an open door concept and view to the office is clear between the executive's tables and the manager's room via the window. Guest entry to the reception could be seated at the guest seats and partitions are built on the first 2 desks for privacy.

There is also a partition built to block the disturbance from the photocopy machine. It will be good if there is more greenery in the office. As there are much space more desks could be added. Nowadays with 3D modelling, layout could be review before a renovation is carried out to save cost.

Office 3

 Office 2

 Office 1




By Hu Wei Hong