Newsletter No 19: May 2013

Feng Shui and your Mindset

Feng Shui would not have lasted for thousands of years if there were no basis to the analysis and studies. Even before I studied my first metaphysic book, there is a saying, which is "when there is a will, there is a way". Have you ever wondered why there is a need to have a target or vision? Have you met successful people with a never say die attitude? I believe this is normal. A person should have a target to stay focused and possess a strong will in order to succeed even when there are obstacles along the way.

What we see and do has its own consequences and effect. However the sub-conscious controls even more. In Feng Shui, we always observe the 天 best time and 地 place to take action 人 for the most important events. As time and place could be selected and enhanced, it is important that you have a good state of health and attitude towards life to take action. We would like to share with you how you could improve your luck by believing and taking one small step at a time to reach your goals.

In the view of a human body, when we are angry, anxious and experience great fear, our body chemistry change within seconds. These experiences cause certain reaction to our body and are largely negative. If it is prolonged, it will cause bad health and delay in sickness recovery. Even without injury or physical illness, if we always think that something is not right, this can limit our decision making even in the good luck period. For every action there should be a equal opposite reaction, if depression could bring one down, positive thinking and healthy lifestyle should pull you up.

Knowing your luck trend will allow us to prepare for the best moment to embark or prepare the next step towards a goal. Having your environment in good energy and resting in the good sector could assist in rejuvenating to have a clearer state of mind. Ornaments and man made environment could remind or assist us to focus on our target. For example, installing a pagoda in the academic location will not do much help if the person is tired or lazy to pick up the reference book. It is the will to pass and do well together with the assistance of the sub-conscious mind (after the installation of ornament) that could shift your focus to a better effort and thus have better result.

The sub-conscious mind is a good tool if you know how to use it. For example, rich people often have lots of money to handle daily and they are not afraid or shy when someone discovered a load of money in the wallet or bag as it is part of daily usage and investment. Have you ever explained to your friends when they discovered that you have a thick wallet (probably you are paying school fee?) Would you will be shy and anxious when explaining? Thus when you have lots of money, there is always a thinking to spend the money to return to your comfort status that is "average".

In order to enhance wealth or health, one must not be shy to have it and should feel good and natural about it. In a nut shell, the belief or thinking does help in your success. This taught will assist you to strive further and get up again should there be any hiccup. There are many examples of terminal ill people surviving more days/years that were predicted. This is due to their strong will and good mind set that they manage to survive and even strive on to become the model for other healthy being.

In view of the above, we should start by having the right mind set and attitude towards your target. In addition, with enhanced environment and good knowledge on your luck trend, half the battle is won. The best medicine could be found within your self and your living habits. Start today, dare to be different and keep an open mind.

As a matter of fact, you have been in your current state for quite sometime now? Why not try to break through the barrier that is holding you back. A good start will be enhancing your environment and having your luck trend analyzed. Start by knowing yourself better via the Science of Feng Shui.




By Hu Wei Hong