Newsletter No 4: Feburary 2012

Feng Shui Ornament - 貔 貅

Feng Shui is not only a vast collection of observations but also includes an in depth study that combine metaphysics, environmental studies as well as human behavior and psychology.

In my view, Feng Shui and fortune telling is non-superstition. It is the knowledge based on a rich collection of combine studies and experiences of the Masters that can relate the past, predict the future, find the auspicious directions and the energy of the property.

In a nutshell, the main objective is to get to know yourself and your property better through Feng Shui.

Feng Shui ornament is often used as a channel to convert human beliefs into a supporting energy within the environment. Ornaments design has evolved into both nice to see and has a symbolic meaning i.e. picture of the dragon, tiger and the laughing Buddha.

There is one particular auspicious ornament that that I would like to share in this newsletter. It is the Pi Xiu (貔 貅); there are many legends about it. It is the one of the five auspicious mystical creatures namely the Dragon, Phoenix, Tortoise, Unicorn (kylin) and Pi Xiu. We know that only the tortoise exists and the rest are fictitious. Each is a symbol of good luck, good fortune and is greatly used in Feng Shui.

Legends of Pi Xiu (貔 貅):
One version of the legends was according to the Shan Hai Jin i.e. “山海経", Dragon gave birth to 9 sons (9 is used as it is the greatest single digit number and signifies the greatest and not necessary only 9 sons literally) and each of them is of very different in appearance and character. Pi Xiu is the 9th son. He was known to eat only gold and treasures and loved by the Heavenly Emperor. However, due to too much intake, it could not control its motion and leaked, this angered the Emperor and Pi Xiu’s anus was sealed. From then onward, the intake of treasures was not released.

The only way of defecation is through sweating that has a very attractive smell. This lured many creatures to be of interest to eat Pi Xiu, however, they end up being eaten up by Pi Xiu. Thus the legend passed on as Pi Xiu is the guardian of treasures and has great power in defend against the evil for its masters and owners.

Characteristics of Pi Xiu (貔 貅):
The common characteristics of Pi Xiu: it has the head of the dragon, mouth of the tiger, body of the lion, teeth of the wolf, waist of the bear, paws of the leopard and ears of the deer.

The mouth is big, the abdomen is huge, it has no anus, only eats and do not produce output, it was known that the big mouth could eat treasures from all 8 directions, the stomach could hold huge amount of treasures, the big bottom could act as a stable support for its master’s status. Thus Pi Xiu is known to assist his or her master to capture fortune from the 8 directions, at the same time it could guard the house from evil and stabilized the established status. It is often used to please the Grand Duke Jupiter as well. Thus is not a bad idea to place a suitable one in the Southeast sector for the year 2012. 





As Pi Xiu is a little lazy in nature, the owner should pat it once in a while to remind it of its mission. But, touching the eyes, nose and teeth is not recommended as it will hinder the Pi Xiu ability to see clearly and the cutting of the fingers by the sharp teeth. There is saying in Chinese that one touch on the Pi Xiu could improve one’s luck, the second touch could increase one’s wealth and the third touch could smooth out your path for your business or career.

As time passes, the design of the Pi Xiu has evolved to include wings, twin horns, curled tail, bugging eyes and sharp teeth. Normally there is a difference in design for male and female Pi Xiu. The male is design with the left paws in front and is in control of status and power, while the female Pi Xiu has the right paws forward and governs wealth, luck and has control on both direct and indirect wealth.

The smaller version that could be worn as a pendent on one’s neck has no gender difference. It will protect one from evil, increase wealth and assist the owner to overcome obstacles in life.




There are many materials that make a good Pi Xiu. For example, wood, metal, jade, lava and precious stones. You will need the help of a good Feng Shui Master to invite one or pair that suits you or your business. With 26 styles and 49 representations, there would be a suitable one that can assist the owner such as recommending a pair or inviting only the male or female.


There are certain rules to respect:

1. It would be good to take note that we do not buy or purchase Pi Xiu. To show respect, we will invite Pi Xiu.

2. The placement of Pi Xiu should be on table height unless it is built to be standing on the floor.

3. The direction of the facing of Pi Xiu should be recommended by your Feng Shui Masters. It will normally face an opening such as the windows, left side of the door or a specific auspicious direction. Never face it towards the bedrooms, your good self and the toilets.

4. Only the Master or the owner is allowed to touch the Pi Xiu. Avoid touching the eyes and the sharp teeth.




By Hu Wei Hong