Newsletter No 5: March 2012

Feng Shui Ornament: Dragon Tortoise 龙龟


This month topic will be a short write-up on the auspicious ornament and perhaps the most commonly used due to its wide application and meaning - Dragon Tortoise 龙龟.

We must stress that Feng Shui ornament is often used as a channel to convert human beliefs into a supporting energy within the environment. By just placement of auspicious ornament without working towards your goal will not yield higher chances of success.

Dragon Tortoise 龙龟is a combination of two out of the five auspicious mystical creatures namely the Dragon, Phoenix, Tortoise, Unicorn (kylin) and Pi Xiu. The Dragon is often linked with strong positive energy, good start and a fierce look to ward off evil and on the other hand the Tortoise often relates to longevity and the shell could be used for defense and to repel negative energy “Sha Qi” from the external. This great combination has made it easy and auspicious for many Feng Shui cure applications.

Characteristics and applications of Dragon Tortoise 龙龟:

The common characteristics of Dragon Tortoise: it has the head of the dragon and the body of the tortoise. The dragon head resembles power and authority. Thus it is believed that it could assist a person in his career and provide him with a head start. The body of the tortoise has 9 partitions that resemble “Luo Shu – 洛书” (it was observed at the back of the giant tortoise that King Wen seen) that often known as the magic numbers that add up to be 15 in any straight direct of the 3 numbers, this has great importance in the 8 Mansions Feng Shui and the School of Flying Stars Feng Shui. The shell is known to be able to act as a support and shield for any bad energy from the external source.


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There is also another saying that the Chinese pronunciation of the Dragon Tortoise resembles 榮归 that means return with glory.  Thus it is well liked by many who bought it to place either at home or office. 

The placement is often the shell against the bad energy and the head pointing towards your goal or opportunity. You will find many different designs and material that the Dragon Tortoise could be made of. It is advisable to place and invite one which is suitable and put it on a specific location on the advice by the Feng Shui Master.

As most auspicious ornaments are symbolic, it is often used for the owner to stay focus or act as a reminder of their goal. We believe that the goal can be achieved soonest if the person has strong will, courage to work hard and have a positive attitude.


By Hu Wei Hong