Newsletter No 14: Dec 2012

Flying Stars for 2013

We at Jin Ding would like to wish all readers a joyful and healthy year ahead.

The basics of Flying Stars Feng Shui were introduced in our January 2012 newsletter. As the year of the Water Dragon (壬辰) ends on 4 Feb 2013 and the Water Snake (癸巳)will take over, the flying stars will also change from 6 to 5 in the center of the Lou Shu matrix. The 2013 Flying Star chart will look as follow:

Flying stars 2013 chart

It is not difficult to realise that the effect of the Strong Water Dragon has caused natural disasters especially earthquakes and water floods.  

There is an old ancient calendar that marks an important date on 21 Dec 2012 that the Earth passes the Galactic plane of the Milky Way in a specific alignment. This has been a very interesting topic and for some, it would have started in the 1990s.

We are concerned with this topic, as Feng Shui is based not only on environment but also on the magnetic north as most of the reading is based on. We are living in a constant rotation of the Earth which is on the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Make it simple, we have 24 hours a day that depend on the Earth rotation, we experience the full moon every 29 to 30 days, we experience a new year for the Earth rotated around the Sun for about 365 days. All this is related to the gravitation pull in Solar system that is travelling within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Solar system is orbiting in the Milky Way Galaxy just like the Earth obits with the Sun as reference in the Solar System.

We shall not go in depth on this but it seems that the gravitational pull is the strongest when such an event takes place. It is special as the alignment happens only once in about 26,000 years. Perhaps to verify any minor shift in the manegatic pole is by reference to an old reading you have done in the previous years. 

As the cosmic effect could not be avoided, we let time to prove its effects while we concentrate with tasks on hand.

In my view, the transition will take time and the effect will be like a new age in the flying stars period i.e. 1984 to 2004 as the age 7 and 2004 to 2024 as the age of 8.

Looking forward to a better future, we must control anxiety and maintain focus during this time. Perhaps spending time with family during this holiday season is one of the best things to do this year. Tension is also built due to bad economic and territorial disputes; the pressure has almost hit its limit. Some would believe that it is a new start for the world but in my view it is time to work out a plan and get ready for the future. Enhance the energy within your control as every magnificent building starts with a brick. We believe that there will be rebound when the rock hits the bottom this year.

Looking into the Flying Stars Chart of 2013, it is the original Luo Shu numbers that repeats itself every 10th year. All stars are in place where they were originated thus it is a balanced strength. The usable stars are 8, 1, 9, 6 and 4. The stars we need to guard against are 2, 3, 5 and 7.

You may enhance the sectors with the auspicious ornaments and cure the bad sectors with quiet and clean environment. Here are some examples of auspicious ornaments placement according to the flying stars for your easy reference:

Ornament chart for 2013 ver2

That's all for this year last newsletter. We look forward to providing you with interesting topic in our next newsletter in the coming New Year. Alternatively, you can also email us the topics that you are interested to know.






By Hu Wei Hong