Newsletter No 21: July 2013

Introduction to the 10 Heavenly Stems

 1) 甲 Jia – Yang Wood (Season Spring)

Yang Wood represents big tree found in the forest.

Strength: The person will have a strong stable character; kind, optimistic and is a self motivator who always like to upgrade himself. He is often empathetic, responsible and follows rules in handling matters and issue at work.

Weakness: The lack of flexibility could post a hinder to his career progress and relationship with others. Health could be the second priority to work on for someone who is a strong Yang Wood person.

2) 乙 Yi – Yin Wood (Season Spring)

Yin Wood represents plant or creepers that depend on others to blossom.

Strength: The person will have an amicable character. He is kind, friendly and often humble himself. He is also resourceful and often find alternative towards the goal. Due to his character, he seldom confronts or speaks up immediately when things happen.

Weakness: Even if he has the capability, frustration often vests internally due to the strong urge to complete the task at hand. There is tendency to depend on others when wood is not strong.

3) 丙 Bing – Yang Fire (Season Summer)

Yang fire represents the sun that loves to shine upon others.

Strength: The person have strong passion, is active and open. Very often, he has big social circle and loves to mingle. Most of the time, he will focus only on the big picture. 

Weakness: The heat and shine may harm others without one knowing. Sometimes the person may be misunderstood for being arrogant and chances for detailed elaboration on the subject is slim. The person may attract unwanted attention too.

4) 丁Ding – Yin Fire (Season Summer)

Yin fire represents the camp fire or candle light that can shine if the condition is right.

Strength: The person is calm and has an eye for details. He is willing to lend a helping hand when another person requires it.

Weakness: He often has hidden agenda and gets suspicious easily. If he is in wrong situation, help is limited and there is not much to offer.

5) 戊 Wu – Yang Earth (Season All)

Yang earth represents the land of the Earth where there is potential to hold the ocean.

Strength: The person is honest, stable, steady and goes straight to the point. He has great capacity to handle great projects and gain the trust of other people.

Weakness: At times, he will be too rigid. If not in season, he could be Jack of all trades and master of none.

6) 己 Ji – Yin Earth (Season All)

Yin earth represents the garden soil where the plants seek the nutrients.

Strength: The person is focus on cultivating good habits and skill in life and will be dependable if the resource is rich.

Weakness: He will follow the guidelines at work. But if the result deviates, it will be difficult for him to accept. In addition, he is often skeptical and seldom trust others.

7) 庚 Geng – Yang Metal (Season Autumn)

Yang metal represents structure beam or the mighty sword or axe that can be used to shape wood.

Strength: The person has a strong character, is blunt but is generous. When in good state, he will be loyal, courageous and easy going.

Weakness: He could be temperamental and aggressive. At times, he may cause damage either physically or emotionally.

8) 辛 Xin – Yin Metal (Season Autumn)

Yin metal represents jewelry gold or gold dust that loves to shine.

Strength: The person is elegant, cares about feelings and relationships.

Weakness: He loves to be in the spot light, is sensitive and has a strong self esteem. However, he lacks endurance and perseverance. 

9) 壬 Ren – Yang Water (Season Winter)

Yang water represents the great ocean.

Strength: The person is ambitious, is brave and his action is generous and graceful.

Weakness: There is a tendency to depend on other people and may takes thing lightly at times.  

10) 癸 Gui – Yin Water (Season Winter)

Yin water represents the dew water and rain water.

 Strength: The person has a quiet and subtle character. He also tends to be soft, less out going and has strong principles.

Weakness: He may not be down to earth and felt emotionality unbalance at times. There is a little destroyer inside too and sometimes tends to be extreme.

The strength of each element depends heavily on the season of birth and below is an illustration of the strength. (1) represents least strong and (5) being the strongest at each season.

10 stems season

In order to understand the above table better, let me illustrate. For example, in Spring, the wood blossom thus is strongest, wood will then feed to Fire thus the birth of fire. Water was exhausted by the blossom wood thus is in the stage of rest.  Metal is trapped as it is too weak to control wood with the strong presents of Fire. Earth is the weakest as the strong wood attacks the earth.

Althrough there are combinations, clashes and 12 life cycles of the 10 Heavenly Stems, the season is the main factor that affects the strength of your Day Master most at birth. 





By Hu Wei Hong