Newsletter No 17: Mar 2013

Marriage and birth rate in connection with Feng Shui

The decrease of birth rate is a concern in our home land. If the birth rate is exceptionally low, then the number of working adults to an elderly ratio in future will decrease. This means that more elderly need to be supported by the same number of working adults. This is assuming immigrants and abortion rate are kept constant.

Birth rate is also closely tied with marriage. In the Chinese custom, this is normal as we usually get married first before we start to have children. Even with incentives and grants from the government to encourage higher birth rate, the factors affecting low birth rate is not limited to monetary terms.

We will share some pointers that will enhance the chance to get married as well as to conceive. 

First, the general approach we could use is to select the partner based on the Zodiac sign, they are:

Rat and Ox

Tiger and Pig

Dog and Rabbit

Dragon and Rooster

Monkey and Snake

Horse and Goat

In Feng Shui, these combinations are called the 6 combination (六合) and of course we will try avoiding combining the conflicting pairs in the 6 clashes (六冲) which is listed below:

Rat and Horse

Ox and Goat

Tiger and Monkey

Rabbit and Rooster

Dragon and dog

Snake and Pig

In my analysis, there are times where the conflicting pairs could work well because there are other elements in their Ba Zi that make them attracted to one another.

For the second approach, we can enhance the flower of romance for better human relationship and chances of meeting the opposite gender:

Rat, Dragon and Monkey in the West at the Rooster sector

Ox, Snake and Rooster in the South at the Horse sector

Tiger, Horse and Dog in the East at the Rabbit sector

Rabbit, Goat and Pig in the North at the Rat sector

For those who are trying to conceive, besides doing a medical check up to ensure that both are healthy, you can enhance the conception sector area of your spouse according to the day pillar stem.

Conception Chart


Other than the above methods that are usable, family support is also important besides health and wealth. In addition, a Feng Shui Practitioner will also help to analyze both birth charts and can advise when is the auspicious year that you will have a higher chance of conceiving. It is better to be prepared than to leave it to chance.

Above aside, there is an interesting place which I would like to share solely in my opinion, Marina Barrage and the Central Business District (CBD). The Feng Shui has some impact on the CBD area which is financial hub for Singapore's economy. Backing the Singapore Merlion, it is actually the CBD that act as a strong support with clear view of the sheltered sea in front. From the model of the Marina Barrage, the formation resembles a reproductive organ.

It could be seen that the building of the dam have restricted the sailing of ships. Perhaps the usage of the river has changed from with cargo transportation in the olden days to water conservation, flood control, entertainment and recreation in recent years.

You may remember viewing the floating balls on the water near the Merlion, perhaps it resembles the eggs?

It could be coincidence but nevertheless, if you observe, Feng Shui is everywhere.




By Hu Wei Hong