Newsletter No 22: August 2013

Selecting business partners base on the Zodiac sign

The 12 Earthly branches are the elements found at the base of the pillars with hidden elements and forms the basic for decoding in the Four Pillar of Destiny.

12 earthly branches 

Normally we will know these as the 12 zodiac animals. The strength of each element depends heavily on the season and below is an illustration of the strength. (1) represents least strong and (5) is the strongest at each season.

Element Srength in diff Season

Like the heavenly stems, the earthly branches have its combination and clashes as well. It is the best to understand the person's character and working style before forming a partnership. It will be easier if you have the birth date and time so that you can analyze the natal chart. But if we do not have these data, we would know the animal sign that represents him or her by having the date of birth.

The animal sign or the year earthly branch will change on the 4th or 5th February each year according to the Hsia Calendar. It is quite safe to say that the person has the sign of a Tiger on 6 Feb 1974 or the sign of the Rat if birth is 3 March 1971. There are many applications in the smart phone nowadays that you could download and check easily. Just remember that the new yearly earthly element will change after 立春 that is the beginning of Spring even if the lunar new year may fall before. For example, those born from 23 Jan 2012 till 3 Feb 2012 will have the sign of the Rabbit and only after 4 Feb 2012 the sign changed to Dragon. Of course there is a cut off time on 4th Feb as well if you refer to the Hsia calendar.

If the date of birth is the only data you have and you would like to know if your zodiac sign can get along with his or hers, you may refer to the follow auspicious combination as a rough guide only:

a)       Seasonal combination (三会) – It is a combination according to the following sequence of the season with 3 elements. For example, 3 persons with the sign of Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon will form an auspicious seasonal combination that will result in the element of Wood. It will be great if you are a person that needs further support of the Wood element.

seasonal com

b)       Three combination (三合) - It is a combination according to the following sequence with 3 elements. Half combination works as well, however the center element must be present. For example, (Tiger and Horse) or (Horse and Dog) will form Fire but not (Tiger and Dog).

 3 com 

c)       Six combination (六合) - It is a combination according to the following sequence with 2 elements. Sometimes we use it as a reference to check sign match for marriage as well. I do come across loving couple even if their zodiac signs clash.

 6 com 

The above illustration is a general guide for sign compatibility and putting of auspicious combination ornaments for good luck.

But before making any investment/business or marriage decision, it is important to get to know your partner first.

Nevertheless, should you have any further queries on this topic, please send it to Jin Ding.


By Hu Wei Hong