Newsletter 27: Mar and Apr 2014

 Make a guess on the new location of the Singapore-KL High Speed Rail

We heard the announcement and targets the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur high speed rail to be completed by 2020. This decision will not only affect the economic of both countries but also the property prices along the rail stop overs. In order to benefit residence of both countries working aboard, the selection of the station location is of the most critical. The Singapore government has proposed 3 locations, namely, Tuas West, Jurong East and the City Center .

Let’s make a guess on the location of the rail station in Singapore:

According to the School of Flying Stars, we are in the age period of 8; the auspicious future star will be from the West (Star 1) and Northwest (Star 9) sector. Thus likely the entry point to Singapore will be from the West or the Northwest sector rather then the usual North-South link. In addition to provide a link, the accessibility to the city central location is as important, alternative linkage by existing MRT line can do the job. Thus the possibility of high expenses for a direct link to the City Center is not economical.

An overhead bridge is more favourable to an underground tunnel in terms of openness and the cost. As many experts will proposed the best option in terms of safety, cost and feasibility, we shall know the information in time to come.

Let’s make a guess on the location of the rail station in Singapore. Looking at the population density and development of Tuas West and Jurong East, it will deem Tuas West has a greater potential. There will be less cost involvement and could be completed with less disturbance to the residence area like Jurong East. With the completion of the Tuas West extension to the East West line in 2016, it will deem an added advantage.

Predicting from the Feng Shui aspect, the auspicious direction entering into Singapore will likely be from the West as in accordance to the Fly stars, we are in the period of 8 now that governs from the year 2004 till 2024, during this period the distance lucky star of 1 is in the location of the West sector. As White Star 1 normally called the Tan Lang Xing (贪狼) and position is North has the element of Water; the Sector West could be represented by the element of Metal, it supports well in view Metal give birth to Water.




The location of the check point must not only bring convenience to the travellers but also of economical growth to that area. My guess will be Jurong East as it is nearer to the city centre and development is more established. The challenge will be planning a route for the bullet train to reach its destination. Entering Singapore via a bridge and pass by a scenic water reserve then into a vibrant neighbourhood of Jurong East where facilities are developing now will deem attractive.

The decision will be out in time to come, let’s see what the future could present us with.

What is your guess?



By Hu Wei Hong