Newsletter No 10: Aug 2012

Stove settings in kitchen

In the olden days, the consideration of the stove setting not only serve as a place for cooking but also as a heat source, where the house could be warm by the heat generated by the burning wood.

The kitchen used to be associated with the mother of the house and will affect most on the health of the family if it is not cleaned and set up properly. Nowadays, the kitchen has become a showroom for some family as they seldom cook i.e. open concept where the living room is not partition from the kitchen or the person in charge of the cooking is the house maid.

The fundamental did not change as it is still the main place where the food is prepared and it will be the hottest place (heart) of the house during cooking.

My view based on the concept of Feng Shui, the kitchen is the heart and mainly associated to the element of Fire. The main considerations for stove settings could be:

  1. Sector and facing of the stove.
  2. Height for setting the stove.
  3. Setting of the sink and the refrigerator in relation to the stove.
  4. Auspicious date for setting the stove.
  5. Other factors

1) Sector and facing of the stove

The sector is actually base on the center of the unit and it could be revealed with a compass, find the North and dividing the unit into a pie of 8 pieces. It will not be auspicious to have the kitchen in the Northwest sector as Northwest resembles the head (father) of the house that is associating with the element of Metal. If it is so, then try to avoid setting the stove in the Northwest sector again using the kitchen as the center.

The facing of the stove is the direction opposite to your facing when you are cooking. That is taking the position with your back against the stove. Generally, the facing of South, Southeast, East are fine as the elements associated is Fire or Wood that supports or feed the element of the stove (Fire).

2) Height for setting the stove

The height could be determined with the Feng Shui Ruler that shows auspicious reading in red. For an example, height from 32 to 35 inches is considered auspicious. Nevertheless the height of the person who is cooking must be taken into consideration as well.

Please take note that the wok height will be higher after the stove is set, as there is often metal support for placement of the cooking utensils. In addition, the water sink placement is generally higher than the stove. This will facilitate cooking and washing too. Normally the water flow downwards when washing and we need to place food from the top into the wok.

3) Setting of the sink and the refrigerator in relation to the stove

Work efficiency is the main concern. We normally place the sink and stove apart for at least 60 cm or 24 inches. In addition, we do not want the stove to be place directly opposite to each other as the sink when water is running is associated with the element of Water and a cooking stove is associated with the element of Fire, thus they conflict.

It will properly be the best to have the triangle placement setting in kitchen. That is the placement of the sink, stove and refrigerator forming a triangle for more efficiency in work flow during cooking. Please refer to the diagrams below:

Jin Ding Newsletter Aug 12 - Stove setup in kitchen layout


The kitchen door is preferably not near to the main door, as during cooking the air will be suck into the kitchen. This is deemed as unhealthy as well as inauspicious from the point of view of Feng Shui. A simple remedy is to have a sliding door.

4) Auspicious date for setting the stove:

The setting of the stove is best done after the cabinets have been completed and an auspicious date being selected by your Feng Shui Master.

5) Other factors:

The kitchen is to be kept clean, ventilated and bright for good energy flow.


In the next newsletter, we would share the settings in the master bed room. 



By Hu Wei Hong