Feng Shui is an ancient art of living in harmony with the environment. It is practised to enhance one’s well being by harnessing the good as well as balancing the bad energy that is surrounding us. It will also give you an alternative view about yourself through life analysis.

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These are some kind words from our satisfied clients. We are glad to have made a difference. 



quote 2 隆中堂医师张茂绩






quote 2 Sandy Seah (Account Executive)

Good advice given by Mr. Woo and I have taken note of what he has said to me. Have changed and found a good job. Be humble instead of aggressive after changing my Chinese Name. I think things changed a bit after seeing him for fortune telling and changing of name. Next year will look for him again.



 quote 2 彭爱云 (Bus Captain)





quote 2  Roshan (Project Manager)

After being consulted, things have drastically changed both at home and work for me and my wife. Mr Woo took special care in looking into our charts and provided suitable recommendation for our well being. I sincerely thank him for his assistance.



quote 2 Zhang Haili (Accounts Administrator)

After understanding the life analysis for my family and simple re-arrangement of my living apartment, my family relationship improved and I feel happier as well.




 quote 2 Ngo Seow Kuan (Director/Principle Consultant, QuESH Consultants Pte Ltd)

We found that the outcome of the Feng Shui audit very informative and logical. After taken the necessary changes in the work place, it looks brighter and the ambience has improved and is now livelier.

The new layout plan looks great with visualization which we can view before renovation, this has saved both time and cost. I would certainly encourage my friends to work with Mr Woo.




quote 2  Loh Seow Theng (Assistant Vice President)

The life analysis gave us another view that reveals things that we have not noticed. The consultation was friendly and fruitful. We are glad to work with Mr Woo on the minor changes and we felt the environment looks better and understand that feng shui could be simple and affordable.