Newsletter No7: May 2012

Water relates to Wealth (水为财)

Water is one of the most importance essences of life. It is known that you could survive 3 days without food but not water. The Earth is 70% covered with water and our body has the similar ratio at birth and gradually reduced to 45%. Perhaps most of us have heard that water relates to or is regarded to wealth and it will be auspicious to have a fountain in the yard or a fish tank at home.

We believe that wealth could be earned with a healthy body and the environment could be enhanced if the positive energy could be accumulated.

From Feng Shui point of view, I will normally look into these factors: the need, the quantity, the quality, the location, the shape and the timing before recommending water feature installations.

The Need:

According to the Four Pillars of Destiny studies, we know wealth is the element that self-element control. That is if you are an Earth person (according to your day stem) then the Water element is the wealth element, as Earth controls Water. It will be generally auspicious for one that needs the utilization of the Water element to have water feature in his/her living environment.

In the Schools of Flying Stars, we know that the auspicious Water stars 1 and 8 could be activated by placing water in the proper sector to trigger auspicious energy. Thus should the sector’s Water Star is 1 or 8, one could enhance it by triggering the good effect that the stars will bring.

In classic Feng Shui, it is auspicious to have a catchment area for the good energy (Qi) to accumulate at the entrance of the property and/or in the living room after the main entrance. This is often seen using water pond or lake or a lower land that has surrounding plantation or simply a simple open space with interior design in the house/apartment.

The Quality and Quantity:

The size of the water feature or catchment area should be proportional to the property. A small fish tank in a big house may not be effective. The water should be moving with proper water circulation and is to be cleaned from time to time. The introduction of fish and plant will beautify the habitat as well.

The Location and Shape:

The location of installation should be in the appropriate sector and have easy access for maintenance. The shape of the water feature will also have its element such as round shape represents Metal, square shape relates to Earth and a waterfall feature relates to abundance supply. You may have to decide on how best to utilise the sector and usually your Feng Shui Master could advise you accordingly.

The Timing;

We believe we need to do the right thing at the right time with the right people. Thus an auspicious date should be selected for renovation, installation and activation of the catchment area or the water feature.The size of the water feature or catchment area should be proportion to the property.

Water Feature Placement

This property is sitting on South and facing North built 2006, it will deem auspicious to have a water feature at blue box. You should select the North sector if the father of the house does not need the support of the element of water further. 



By Hu Wei Hong