Newsletter No 15: Jan 2013

Water Snake Year 癸巳蛇年 element analysis for 2013

Welcome to the year of the Water Snake that will start on the 4 Feb 2013 0019 hrs (立春) according to the Hsia Calendar. Thus, children born after this time will have their celestial sign as the Snake.

In luck analysis or Ba Zi analysis, we will use the Hsia calendar instead of the Lunar Calendar. You may notice that the 1st lunar day of the Snake falls on 10 Feb 2013. This means that there is no first day of Spring (立春) in the year of the Snake but there are two in the year of Dragon according to the Lunar Calendar. This will result in Blind Year (盲年) for the Snake Year. For those who are planning marriage should consult the Feng Shui Practitioner for Auspicious Date Selection as there are still many good dates in accordance to Couples' and Parents' Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi).

Snake has the ability to change its element after meeting different signs in different season of the year. Thus it has the ability to adapt and willingness to transform when meeting the right conditions. Naturally, it is smart and difficult to predict at times and it always find its way in creativity and escape in difficult situation. It is deemed to be calm, wise and swift to take action when the opportunity arises.

2013 year element

Let's explore on the elements in the year of the Water Snake. The heavenly stem is 癸 gui and has the element of the Yin Water that resembles rain water or water droplets, that represents gentleness, wisdom and a nourishment to Wood. Nevertheless, its properties will be transformed into Fire after combining with the hidden element of the Earthly Branch that is sign 戊 xu Yang Earth. This may dictate that we are expecting a hot season during Spring and Summer this year. In addition, those whose favorable element is Wood will not be of much advantage.

Taking the combination into consideration, the element of Fire is deemed to be strongest could be used to mould the 庚 geng Yang Metal into useful tools or even Gold. This Gold could be harvest when the Snake meets the Ox (Metal Pot) and Roaster. The auspicious combination will be beneficial to those whose favourable element is Metal. One may try to have symbolic representation of the Ox and Rooster at home or in office to facilitate their favorable combination.

For the last hidden element is 丙 bing Yang Fire, it is naturally supported when the Snake meets the sign Horse and Goat. The auspicious combination will form Fire that will be beneficial to those who need Fire as their favourable element. If you are the sign of a Snake you could select partners that are born in the year of the Horse and Goat for business startup.

One may ask what about those who need the element of Water to bring them luck. The Snake will combine with the Sign Monkey in the right season to form Water. As you can see the Water Snake this year could transform into that much elements when the conditions is right and the signs are matching.

This could also mean that people, policy and companies directions may change when the environment changes. We will expect to see more new computers and electronics gadgets. Drastic weather at times, disputes between country/human over different perspective in topics and the Wood business industry may not do too well this year.

We also know from the last newsletter that the disaster star is the great Yellow 5. It is trapped in the center of the Fly Stars matrix this year and thus it is critical to focus on illness or new strains of virus especially to ladies (sickness star in the Southwest that represents the Mother of the house), dispute and betrayal (3 killings stars and dispute star in the East that represent the eldest son of the house) and loss of jobs or property due to robbery (robbery star in the West that represent the youngest daughter of the house).

The 2013 Flying Star chart will look as follow:

Flying stars 2013 chart

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By Hu Wei Hong