Newsletter No 1: November 2011


What is Feng Shui in modern time?

Although Feng Shui has a history of thousands of years, it is still commonly practiced today. Despite the various schools of thought, the main objective is to harness the positive, balance the negative energy (气), enhance own environment and to select the best auspicious time for any important events.

We could generally classify Feng Shui into the following 2 aspects which is the physical and the intangible where they will affect the human living within.



Physical Aspect:

With urbanization, our natural environment has changed from mountains to high rise commercial buildings, from rivers to wide roads and from ponds and rice field to beautiful urban gardens. In a city of lights, it will not be easy to find a house with the ideal natural environment settings.

In modern time, mountains (Support) could be represented by tall buildings, rivers (Qi flow) by busy roads and low lying open area or ponds (where Qi(气) could be gathered) by man made ponds and gardens.

There will be cases where the physical environment is similar for residents living in the apartments or flats. But does this mean that their fate will be the same? We shall now leave the question for you to ponder.




Intangible Aspect:

Energy (气) is invisible but it has great effect on the occupants. Intangible force could be reveal with the use of compass (Luo Pan) based on the general principle of Yin, Yang, the Five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) and Luo Shu (by King Wen commonly use by the Flying stars school of Feng Shui). The energy in our environment is greatly influenced by the astronomical forces within the universe.

In addition to the 2 aspects of Feng Shui that we have classified and discussed above, the Heaven (天), Earth (地) and Human (人) luck are the 3 additional ingredients that will either affect or enhance one well being. Heaven luck could be harness by selecting an auspicious date and time for the commencement of task. Earth luck could be improved by Feng Shui on the surrounding environment. Human luck could be improved by constant upgrading, having a balanced lifestyle, doing good deeds and the most basic of all, we must understand our self before commencing important projects/actions.

Thus, even with the same physical environment, the result might vary among individuals and it depends on your actions and destiny. Some do better then the others living in the same unit due to the resale of the property.

The environment and time is constantly changing but the principle concept of Feng Shui will remain and its applications will be evolving as well. We believe that complementing Feng Shui with your own strength and weakness will better prepare you for the challenges in life.


By Hu Wei Hong
Pictures Courtesy of Mr. Loh Kah Yin