Newsletter No 26: Jan and Feb 2014

 A New Start in the Year of the Wooden Horse 2014

The Wooden Horse (甲午 Jia Wu) had galloped into year 2014 on the 4th February 2014 at 06:21 hours. This is a new beginning of the Horse year; baby born after will have the zodiac sign of the Horse.

It is a very common culture for the Chinese parents of the new born to seek advice from the Geomancer for a good name that can assist in the baby’s endeavor. We select auspicious date for the important event to harness the heaven luck. We will make use of the terrain to build accommodation so as to enjoy the earth energy (Feng Shui) at the right time. In addition, we accumulate resource by partnership to reach the goals that we strive (human luck).

Those with religion will put faith in their beliefs so that they can focus on their aim with a peaceful mind.

Now with modern technology, many theories are no longer applicable without modernization application. Like the river, the water flow could be represented by moving vehicles on the roads and the mountain by the high rise building and so on. The world is constantly changing and technology is acting like a catalyst, be it for the good or bad.

In this first newsletter for 2014, we would like to share our views on life analysis. There is a myth which goes this way: every time the fortune teller tells you your fortune, your life span will decrease a little. Of course, we know this is not the true as the person using the most effort during the session would be the fortune teller.

Life analysis should be use as a guide to know your strength, weakness and luck trend. It will be a great tool for making important choice. For example, a sports car will run well in the racing track with good driver skills and energy. Should you know that you are using a tractor, it will be better utilized in the farm field. Likewise a sports car will not perform well in the wet field.

In addition, the rich will often seek help to harness the good energy via Feng Shui while most people will get their life chart read and may not take any action. You should see what makes the difference here.

There is often no quick way to make a big fortune over night but by knowing yourself and your objective with the good choice at the right time, one will certainly increase the chances of success. Even in bad luck times we will need to strive hard so that the momentum will carry on in the good times and rewards will come naturally.

There are many methods and theories in life analysis, the 4 pillars of destiny, Purple Star astrology, I-Ching and so on. We may ask which is more accurate. In my personal view, all the methods are useable and it depends on the decoder that is the Geomancer’s interpretation. If one is able to tell your characteristics and your past luck trend, it is very likely that one should be able to predict your future luck trend.

The year of the Horse has a fast moving pace compared to the Snake. The development of events is much faster and there are many challenges and if anyone is unable to keep up, he/she will be left behind.

When making a consultation on your annual luck analysis, you can take note of the following factors which will help you to understand the analysis better:

  1. Your main element or life palace characteristics
  2. Favourable luck elements (for that particular 5 or 10 years luck pillars)
  3. Annual effect on your luck
  4. Auspicious and inauspicious element for the year
  5. Possible events based on the annual stars effects
  6. Remedy advice
  7. Any question related to yourself that you would like the practitioner to predict. Be concise with one or two questions.
  8. Share your plan only to trusted practitioner.

Hope you find the above information useful and wishing you a fruitful year ahead. 

By Hu Wei Hong