Newsletter No 18: Apr 2013

Yin Feng Shui

We may have heard and read a lot about Yang Feng Shui. It is related to the living that has strong impact on our well being, luck and chances of opportunities. On the other hand, Yin Feng Shui was seldom taught and most of the time only practitioners with profound knowledge will pass down to their children or pupils verbally. It is known that Yin Feng Shui or Tomb / Burial Feng Shui has greater impact on the descendants well being and luck.

In Chinese culture, we understand that after death it will be best to let the body rest in peace and return to the earth (入土为安) and the spirits or souls to heaven. A good Yin Feng Shui burial spot is not easy to find. The facing direction and the alignment timing must be auspicious. We must also not forget the proper prayers by the priest during the burial. Good burial practice in the good spot could bring prosperity and good luck to the descendants for generations to come and vice versa if a bad setting is made. Land usage changes with time and it also shows the fate of the affinity that the energy of the burial ground could bring to the descendants.

According to the 5 elements theory, Earth is the centre or the base. For example, Metal is found in earth, Wood grows from the earth, earth holds Water and anything that the Fire burns returns to the earth. Through there is no ranking in the importance of the 5 elements, you should agree that the basic of life forms in Earth depends on our land. Therefore finding a good land form Feng Shui spot with good earth is the most critical part of the Yin Feng Shui. Just like a land with radiation is not safe for the living, the Qi emitted in the earth from a good spot can affect the DNA of the deceased and this will in turn affects the descendants with the same DNA, like the electro-magnetic wave. As history could relate to what a good burial ground could benefit to their descendants, we will not elaborate further.

Like the Yang Feng Shui, any breakage or damage in or on the tomb will likely to have the bad effect to the descendants. Thus during the season of Ching Ming (淸明), many will visit and pay respect to their ancestors to do tomb cleaning and checking. Should there be any damage, it will be best to engage a good Feng Shui practitioner for advice. The repair should be carried out in an auspicious timing with the help of the tomb builder and priest to have the best effect. In my view, praying and cleaning of tomb could be carried out more often rather then once a year.

There are a few pointers to check on the tomb and the surrounding:

1)      Tomb stone curving must be clear and straight and even the number of Chinese characters has their implications.

2)      There must not be cracks or damage to the tomb structures.

3)      No trees grow on or too near the tomb, as the roots will penetrate the earth and cause leakage to the Qi.

4)      No water running along or around the tomb.

5)      Rich soil and a quiet surrounding to ensure tranquility. 

Many have asked me on what is the best way after death to the treatment of the ashes or body. In my opinion, this depends on religion and culture. We need to respect the deceased wishes before they depart. For me, it will be land burial (if money is not an issue) in a good Feng Shui spot or sprinkle into the sea where one could travel free over the 7 seas.

On the other hand, as land is limited and expensive, some may have to consider a spot in the columbarium. Just like the Yang Feng Shui where one has condominium, the Yin Feng Shui has luxurious and modern columbarium. It is the trend in Singapore since land is limited. This will provide space as well as convenience for the descendants to pay respect in comfort.

As such, it is important to select a good Feng Shui columbarium that have a good land form support with good internal facing and level. As there is no perfection in every system, one should use what the space and money could offer.

Imagine a good burial spot with no one taking care or due to some reason the descendent is the only child. In addition, it also depends on the doings of the descendants.

For those who are interested, he/she should engage a trusted Feng Shui Practitioner with the relevant experience early as finding a good piece of land may take months or even years. However, for columbarium it is much easier as one could visit and book early to reduce cost.

It is not difficult to see opportunity in this area of service. But a good columbarium should have a good Feng Shui and is properly maintained by monks or priests that could offer chanting when needed as it is believe that it would bring peace not only to the ancestors but also the descendants who seek comfort in making an offer.

Let us start to make time for the people around us and cherish what we have now. In the end, it is the internal peace and joy you get when love and joy is shared and given. For those who have missed the chance, he/she should teach the child(ren).

Important Note: This newsletter sharing is based purely on my personal opinion and is an introduction to the Yin Feng Shui. It is not intended to compare with the values of any beliefs, practices and culture.




By Hu Wei Hong